Есть ли смысл пить фитоэстрогены? Гормоны не хочу пить

Есть ли смысл пить фитоэстрогены? Гормоны не хочу пить.

  • Randy Wayne White series set in southwest Florida.
    It’s a fun series.

  • The Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs is set in Charleston. Fun, cozy mysteries.

  • A Land remembered for Florida. Although, its a bit sad to see Florida after reading. It does such a fantastic job of describing Florida before it was settled that seeing urban sprawl can be depressing.

    • I love this but it’s really not coastal.

    • Terri … Oh, you’re right…. I read it as Florida in general and just the coast of North Carolina. ?

    • A Land Remembered popped up in my head too.

  • Eva Gates has a great cozy series -Lighthouse Library Mystery series and it is set in the Outer Banks of NC

  • Eugenia Price – St. Simons Trilogy and Florida Trilogy

    • Oh I read those in college then went to St. Simon’s. Amazing trip!

    • Charlotte – We went a couple of years ago. Toured the Christ Church and found Ms. Price’s grave

  • Kathy Reichs’ Bones series is mystery and half is in North Carolina, if that helps at all

  • I enjoyed the bad monkey I don’t think it’s a mystery but it was funny

  • Early Stuart Woods books are set on the coast of the Carolinas….quick good reads!

  • Connie May Fowler! She’s a central Florida native. River of Hidden Dreams

  • Dorothea Benton Frank writes about Carolina’s Low Country and Outer Banks. My favorites are: 1) The Last Orgiinal Wife, 2) Hurricane Sisters, 3) Sullivan’s Island 4) Porch Lights 5) Folly’s Beach.

  • Susan Boyer’s Liz Talbot mystery series is set off the coast of Charleston. And there’s Dorothea Benton Frank’s Lowcountry series. For older Florida, it’s hard to beat John D MacDonald’s Travis McGee series.

  • Author Eugenia Price from St. Simon’s Island…. love her books

  • Right now I’m listening to the audiobook of Mary Kay Andrews’ book, The High Tide Club. It’s set on various islands off the coast of Georgia. I like it so far.

    • I just listened to it. Loved it.

  • Dorothy Benton Franks early books capture coastal SC. Easy, light beach reads.

  • It’s a fictional town, but the Mitford series is set in North Carolina. They aren’t mysteries but are certainly cozy! 🙂

    • Very enjoyable. After reading something dark or intense I would turn to the Mitford, NC -Father Tim et al. Reinforces how your faith can fit into everyday life.

  • Suspicion of Innocence, Suspicion of Guilt and the rest of the mystery series by Barbara Parker. The protagonists are lawyers and the setting is Miami.

    • I loved this book. Not an intellectual read, more a beach read.

  • Dorothea Benton Frank novels are set in South Carolina lowcountry

  • The Indigo Girl is a brand new book ,
    published last year. It’s historical fiction, set in the Charleston S.C. area in Ameri

  • in colonial America. The main character was a real women in S.C. history. A strong female role model. It’s a fascunating read! By Natasha Boyd.

    • So happy to know that someone else
      Liked it. So much history. I then did research on her. It was fascinating.

  • Indigo girl by Natasha Boyd. It is based on the letters of a16 year old girl. She was a great influence on our country. Her descendents were important in government. Their name was pickney. It was a fascinating read!

  • Anne River Siddons for sure. Also Carolyn Hart’s Death on Demand series of you like mysteries.

  • Cozy mysteries – Laura Childs Tea Shop Mysteries, set in Charleston.

  • Mysteries by C Hope Clark are set in Edisto. And I just finished 55 Tradd Street…. a good mystery set in Charleston.

  • Mystery, secrets, local history, Florida,…sound like a job for….Duma Key by Stephen King.

  • For Florida, Randy Wayne White writes the Doc Ford mysteries. They look like they take place all over Florida. PLUS, he has restaurants on Sanibel Island.

  • Skinny Dip by Carl Hiassen-very quirky, but funny and light

  • “Tricky Business” by Dave Berry is a hysterial book about an old cruise boat that takes passengers off the coast of Florida so they can gamble legally and then brings them back that gets caught in a big storm. Very fun and entertaining read.

  • The Cuban Crisis by Nelson DeMille was a really fun read and the best boat chase ever! Jayne

  • Check out the Travis Magee series for FL. And a book called Condominium.

  • Susan M Boyer’s Lowcountry mysteries. The first one is Lowcountry Boil.

  • Carolyn Hart’s Death on Demand mystery series. Based on the Low Country of SC.

  • Maria by Eugina Price tells the story of St. Augustine

    • First book of the Florida Trilogy

  • Travis McGee Mysteries by John D. McDonald.

  • Eugenia Price has lots of historical fiction in Georgia, Florida, etc. You can see many of the places she wrote about, and her grave, in St. Simon’s Island, GA.

    • Great suggestion, Eugenia Price was a great writer, may be difficult to find however, but she give a great picture of an earlier time.

  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil;
    The Secret Life of Bees

  • .. The Mermaid Chair .. by Sue Monk Kidd .. is set on Egret Island, off the coast of South Carolina ..

  • Carolyn Hart Death on Demand series set on an outer bank island I think… love the stories..

  • It’s North Carolina, but the Deborah Knott series is great! Margaret Maron is the author.

  • Anything by Keen White. Love her Tradd Street series especially!

  • I’m reading The Sound of Glass, set in Beaufort, SC. As I lived there for a while, I am really enjoying it.

    • Had let this marvelous book slip into the back woods of my mind. Thank you for reminding me about this great title.

  • Eugenia Price’s historical fiction is fabulous! I read her St. Simons trilogy (Lighthouse, New Moon Rising and Beloved Invader) and it was excellent.

  • Someone I work with always liked to Stephanie Plum on her road trips

  • Books by Anne Rivers Siddons – Flashback by Nevada Barr for South Carolina and anything by Carl Hiaasen for Florida

  • If your final destination is Florida, “Best. State.Ever” by Dave Barry is hilarious and covers everything from alligators to “FloridaMan” to The Villages.

  • The “Mama” series by Deborah Sharp is a hilarious series set in Florida.

  • Turtle in Paradise is a sweet book set in Key West before the bridges were built.

  • Read Price’s books years ago. She lived on St. Simon tilled she died and is buried on her beloved island.

    • Visited her gravesite which is near the Christ Church that she writes about

  • The Dead End Jobs series by Elaine Viets is a great cozy mystery series set in Florida. Super fun, easy reads!

  • Mary Alice Munroe sets most of her books in SC

  • Does anyone remember reading A Stone for Danny Fisher by Harold Robbins?

  • Untamed The Wildest Woman in America and the Fight for Cumberland Island by Will Harlan. Amazing nonfiction story

  • Carolyn Hart writes the Death on Demand cozy bookstore mysteries set in SC. Love them!

  • The Mittford series by Jan Karon – it’s not a mystery but always a cozy read!

    • That’s North Carolina I think.

    • Yep, North Carolina, I think, but those books are so good and uplifting!!

  • Randy Wayne White writes about coast line of Sanibel Florida. His main character is a marine biologist. I have read at least twenty of his books. Try Caribbean Rim. Mangrove lights, Tampa Burn. All very interesting

    • My mom’s favorite mysteries…

  • Sea Island Lady will break your heart and you can’t put it down! May not still be in print so check out all used resources. Worth the effort!

  • All of them? They are all really worthwhile. We lost a great storyteller when we lost him.

  • Check out titles from Karen White or Dorothea Benton Frank

    • Reading the Sound of Glass now. Well, listening. Still haven’t quite got it figured out yet. Trying to figure out if it’s a mystery, heart string tugger…a little of both? Absolutely loving it, though! Her fridge just went out… 0.0 Can’t wait to see what comes next! 😀

  • On a separate note: you absolutely should go to Hunting Island and go up in the lighthouse! And you MUST, I mean MUST MUST MUST eat at Dockside!! Seriously, I craved that place for 15 years! FINALLY got to take my daughter, and now we both crave it now that we’re back in Texas! 😀 And, if you go to Hunting Island, as you are coming back into town, look up where to get Frogmore Stew (no, no frogs!) on Food Network. I think it’s on Lady’s Island??? I can’t remember the name of the place, but they were closed when we were that our one day. But, EVERYTHING is good at Dockside. (I got their Frogmore Stew–actually, we ordered most of their menu! 😀 — and everything is out of this world.) Oh! And, if you go to Charleston, do yourself a favor, and make the short drive to Mt. Pleasant. We did, JUST to go to Jack’s Cosmic Dogs bc Alton Brown said they were the best things he ever ate. We drove there with a storm coming in. And it was SO worth it! The Cosmic Dog is out of this world! ;-D hahah (I couldn’t resisit.) 😀


    • Judy Never heard of it. You just replied to me, so, you might have better luck posting the question under the original post.

    • Stefanie. Don t Know how to do this. And I spelled the title wrong. the IMMORTALISTS. Sorry.

    • Judy oh. Well, just add your comment to any post for…whatever genre your book is about. You clicked REPLY on my post. That’s why it’s under my name.

  • These novels don’t meet your criteria but they are a fun summer escape reads by Mary Alice Monroe…The Summer Wind, Beach House for Rent, The Summer’s End and The Summer Girls.

    • She has a new one out that I want to read — Beach House Reunion.


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