Recommend me books in the Christian Fiction genre…

Recommendations for a good read in the Christian Fiction genre…

  • I like most books by Dee Henderson and Irene Hannon.

    • Tara , are you in the Readers of Dee Henderson group? If not, please join us!

    • No I’m not!!! Why have I never heard of it!! Wow!

    • Tara feel free to search the group for topics, book titles or start your own thread.

    • Cool tip! I love Dee Henderson. Will join the group!

  • You may have already read it, but the Left Behind series is good.

    • Yes, yes, yes! Such a good book ❤️

    • My favorite Christian fiction book! She’s my favorite Christian fiction author too. Her writing isn’t like other typical Christian fiction.

  • I like Frank Perretti. His book “This Present Darkness” is on the list.

  • Just finished The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers, it was excellent. Other really good ones: Riven by Jerry Jenkins and The Undoing of St Silvanus (don’t remember the author)

  • Authors:
    Becky wade
    Charles Martin
    Rachel Dylan
    Katherine Reay
    Tara Johnson
    Sarah Varland
    Jaime Jo Wright

    • Heather Sarah and I went to college together! ❤️❤️

  • Karen Witemyer, Colleen Coble, Dee Henderson, Dani Petry, Irene Hannon, Denise Hunter

  • Anything by Francine Rivers. My favorite…The Mark of the Lion and Redeeming Love

    • You too the words out of my mouth. I need to revisit those!

    • Favorite book and favorite series. Amazing author.

    • Am just rereading Mark of the Lion-even better the second time!

    • I read that probably about 50 years ago. I remember it was so good. Time to reread it.

    • Julie is also a great one by Catherine Marshall

  • Red River of the North series by Lauraine Snelling. It’s my favorite series of all time.

  • Anything by Janette Oke. I am partial to her Love Comes Softly series, but also the Women of the Canadian West, among other series are also good.

  • Jan Karon’s Mitford series and Ann Ross Miss Julia series.

  • Julie Klassen is good. Her novels are very Austen-esque

  • The five people you meet in heaven. Have a little faith.

  • Deeanne Gist is my favorite author in that genre.

  • Anything by Lynn Austin. My personal favorite is her civil war trilogy. Jo Ellen

    • Just read five of her books! Good suggestion. Have another five here to read.

  • If I Run series by Terri Blackstock; TheSeer series by Rachelle Dekker; anything by Karen Kingsbury – Shades of Blue, The Bridge, Divine, Unlocked, the Redemption series, the 911 series…

  • Brock and Bodie Thoene, Mindy Starks Clark, Jan Karon and Beverly Lewis.

  • Francine Rivers , she writes Christian romance and history

    • There are a couple that are not romantic, like Atonement Child, Leota’s Garden and Her Mothers Dream/Her Mothers Hope. Exceptional books also. She knows how to reach the depth of emotions and the intricacies of relationships. There has not been a book that hasn’t left an impact on me.

  • Lynne Austin is a Christian author with some really good historical fiction.

    • One of my favorites by Lynn Austin is “A Woman’s Place,” a historical novel set during WWII.

  • Lori Wick, Beverly Lewis, Janette Oke, and Francine Rivers are favorites ?

  • Francine Rivers and Janette Oke are two of my favorites. ❤️

    • It doesn’t work to paint all Christians with the paintbrush of right wing conservatives. Some, like me, are Christian progressive/liberal and inclusive.

    • That seems uncalled for. This is a very welcoming group that has been very civil and kind. Let’s not change that now.

    • And again, all I’m saying is that this group has been really kind and supportive and welcoming so far and I don’t think we should change that now.

    • Megan I was under the impression that opinions were allowed.

    • Absolutely they are! And I’m not hating on your opinion that Christian fiction is redundant. That’s well within your right and I’m sure many agree with you. The only thing I was saying is that comment seems uncalled for when the poster was asking for recommendations for a good Christian fiction book, not for peoples’ opinions on Christian fiction itself.

  • I hate to be cranky again, but there are a lot of really awful books in these comments. For decent Christian fiction, don’t read Frank Peretti, Francine Rivers, or Tim LaHaye. Read Frederick Buechner, Marilyn Robinson, Flannery O’Connor, Graham Greene, and Dostoyevsky.

    • It’s always a matter of opinion.

    • Well, taste is subjective.

    • Terri Blackstock or Dee Henderson for great thrillers.

    • Again. No please be cranky AGAIN. ?

  • The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Actually, ANY C.S. Lewis book.

  • I’m a huge Ted Dekker fan but if you’re not into the fantasy type story, start with his AD 30 and AD33. Strong female lead and powerful story of identity and personal power.

  • The Red Tent by Anita Diamont.
    Phillip Gulley has a great series about a fictional town called Harmony. The church members and issues are similar to every church I’ve ever been a member of.

    And I used to love Frank Peretti’s books.

  • Jan Karon’s the whole Mitford series. At home in Mitford and many more.

  • Terri Blackstock, Irene Hannon, Karen Kingsbury, Any Amish fiction.

  • I love Francine Rivers and Lauraine Snelling. Ann Gabhart is good. I enjoyed the original Baxter series by Karen Kingsbury.

  • Robert Whitlow writes legal thrillers with a Christian perspective.

  • Anything by Francine Rivers. Zion Covenant series by Brock and Bodie Thoene for WWII action. Frank Peretti for supernatural horror with a Christian focus. Christy by Catherine Marshall.

    • I am a lifelong Tennessean and grew up in East Tennessee. I went to college near where the real “Christy” took place. I went there and looked at the buildings mentioned in the novel. The town/area is called Del Rio,TN and in the book it’s called El Pano. It’s a neat, old area. When you drive to it, it looks like you’re going to run right into the mountains.

  • I am a library clerk, and Christian Fiction literally flies off the shelves. Most who read it like the fact it will be moral I think.

    • It’s very popular where I work too.

    • Kari so many do series with continuing characters. Allison Pittman is another wonderful author. Ann Tatlock.

  • Frank Peretti has some really good thrillers. This Present Darkness was very tense but an excellent read. I’ve read several other books by him too.

  • Randy Singer is a Christian author whose books are similar to John Grisham.

  • The Circle series by Ted Dekker (Black, Red, White, Green)

  • Piercing the Darkness and its companion boik whose name escapes me

    • I see you down there, sorry 😉 we both got it, lol.

    • Tracy that was a long time ago. After reading it, I saw people with angel on one side and demon on other. Truly remarkable!

    • Marianne it definitely helped shape me as a Christian reading it at 13.

  • Bridge to Haven, a solid, Francine Rivers! lots of issues addressed.

  • Madeleine L’Engle’s Wrinkle In Time Quartet is Christian Fiction ( although not marketed as such). C.S. Lewis’ novels (Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, etc.) are also Christian fiction. Both authors were professed Christians and both the theology and the symbolism are threaded through their fiction.

    • Oh, I had never heard that about A Wrinkle in Time, cool! It’s true of the Lord of The Rings series, too. Tolkien was a Christian and led C.S. Lewis to Christianity.

    • Lauren Precisely. Based on your reply, dive into the Wrinkle In Time Quartet. I commented earlier that in my opinion the series gets better once you get past the 1st book.

    • CS Lewis and TRR Tolkien are Christian, but Wrinkle in Time is borderline. It is more of a New Age Christian that takes it’s liberties with fundamental Christian beliefs (oneness with the universe, mysticism, author is new age herself). If this of interest by all means, just know that this may not be what some would consider Christian fiction.

    • Wrinkle In Time is is only the first book. Many of the saints were mystics, and the prophets as well. And the quartet is a fictional saga about a family. Fictional. Not for proselytizing.

    • Amy thanks! That is good to know. I must confess I’ve never read A Wrinkle in Time. I have read the Lord of the Rings and some of Narnia. My mother read me The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe when I was a kid.

    • Vicki Its not to say it’s not a good story with a positive message, just that it’s kind of a controversial one as the author herself believed parts of the Bible were fantasy and her beliefs in universalism and evolution do impact her storytelling.

  • Sister Chicks, Beverly Lewis, Richard Paul Evan’s Walk Series

  • The Zion Chronicles by Bodie and Brock Thoene

  • 5 people you meet in Heaven and On more Day, Not exactly Christian, but faith based and inspirational

  • I read some when I was a librarian because they were so popular, and found I enjoyed author Beverly Lewis

  • The Mark of the Lion series! I reread every so often – amazing!

  • The Sensible Shoe’s series (4 books). Four woman in different places in life meet at a spiritual formation class. You will see yourself in each woman. An amazing read. By Sharon Garlough Brown #sensibleshoes

    • I LOVE these!! At my library when someone wants Christian fiction with more “substance” this is my go to series. It seems to fit what they’re looking for. I really enjoyed them as well as much of the “lighter” titles suggested in this thread. (I use quotes because I know these are subjective terms)

  • Francine Rivers, James Cardona (he’s sort of YA, but I like his stuff), Infringement by Benjamin Westbrook

    • Definitely Francine Rivers

    • I read this one nonstop. Could not out it down.

    • Brought that period of Bible history alive! Loved this series and this author!

    • It really did! I’ve read the series at least 5 times.

  • Also, The Zion Chronicles and The Zion Covenant Series by Brock and Bodie Thoene.

  • My friend writes Christian historical romances. Her name is Regina Jennings. They are on amazon.

    • One of my favorite books! A heart-rending story of how we can receive comfort from God during difficult times.

  • Karen Kingsbury for sure! I love The Chance and Fifteen minutes

  • Karen Kingsbury books, The Shack, books by Max Lacado.

  • Thorn In My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs. I thought the first two chapters were boring, but when I finished the book it was one of the best I’d read. It’s the only book I’ve read where I found myself praying for a FICTIONAL character. After I prayed I said, “What the heck did I just do???” lol.

  • If you enjoy historical fiction/period novels, try Janette Oke.

  • Try Lorena McCourtney. Humor and mystery. First Ivy Malone is Invisible. 2 or 3 other series. Natural and not “preachy”.

  • Anything by Lauraine Snelling, especially her Red River Series.

  • Redemption by Karen Kingsbury! The whole series is amazing and they’re filming the tv series on it.

    • Lauren me too. I don’t reread books often and I’ve read that one a few times

    • I’ve read and enjoyed every one. ?

  • Charles Martin books are great! I also enjoy Ronie Kendig, Terri Blackstock, Dee Henderson, and Susan May Warren!

    • Pam , it’s nice to hear of someone else who liked this work!

    • Pam , i really loved how he portrayed the attraction of evil, sin (and no, i won’t give it away!).

    • Barbara yes I’ve read it several times and it remains my favorite Christian book of all time!

  • Anything by Charles Martin. When Crickets Cry is one of my favorite of his. The Mountain Between Us is another good one.

  • just check in the “Fantasy” section at local library

  • I just read Just Let Go by Courtney Walsh and enjoyed it. I’m not a big fan of Christian Fiction, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  • Julia Spencer-Fleming has a series of mysteries, beginning with In The Bleak Midwinter. And Jan Karon’s Mitford series is wonderful. I read a few of Karen Kingsbury’s books and nearly had to go on anti-depressants, but a lot of people enjoy them.

    • Oh, that made me smile and giggle slightly! I do see what you mean, but I think that is Karen ‘s way of bringing the message of God. I love Elizabeth and John Baxter, thougn.

    • I’ve just never seen so many bad things happen to so many good people!

  • Lisa ‘s The Begotten, The Betrayed, and The Blessed trilogy.

    • It’s not Christian fiction. It is written by a non-Christian and twists the Bible.

    • I did not like the Red Tent, either. I found it kind of offensive. Can’t remember specifics, but is my memory of it.

    • I second that. Redeeming Love is a must read and the Mark of the Lion series is fantastic.

    • They are some of my favorites too!

  • Karen Witemeyer is a new favorite and I enjoy Kim Vogel Sawyer (Kansas author) as well

  • It’s been out for a long time now, but I’d recommend PIERCING THE DARKNESS by Frank Peretti. Also the Mitford series by Jan Karon.

    • I have never ever finished this.. started it so many times.

    • Oh ya, I loved Piercing the Darkness and anything else by Frank Peretti!

    • Neshiyqah Give it a shot again. You won’t regret it.

    • The two “Darkness” books are excellent, and should be read in order. Worth the time. i also liked “The Visitation,” though i haven’t met anybody else yet who liked it (didn’t like the final ending, but the rest was really good, i thought).

    • Neshiyqah Read Piercing the Darkness first.

    • So I just googled it looks like I had in my house (for many years probably some I was about 14) The other darkness book…Are they sequels which should I read first?

    • This Present Darkness was my favorite. I ended up living in a town similar to “Ashton,” a few years after reading this book, and it helped me to better understand the spiritual warfare going on in our town.

    • Neshiyqah , the order should be This Present Darkness, and then Piercing the Darkness, because one of the characters from the first is in the second one.

    • Neshiyqah , you can always check the copyright dates to make sure i’m right! hahahahahahahaha

    • Neshiyqah I’m sorry. It was This Present Darkness first, then Piercing the Darkness second. My apologies.

    • Maurice oh no worries at all. Thanks for your help.

    • Barbara I really liked The Visitation, too.

  • There are so many Christian authors. In addition to the ones already mentioned, Lauraine Snelling, Lynn Austin, Janette Oke, Mindy Starns Clark, Lori Copeland, and Tracie Peterson.

  • The Poisonwood Bible is about Christian missionaries, and The Source is an interesting book about where Christianity came from. The Robe is inspiring.

  • My daughter loves Quo Vadis. She’s read it several times.

  • Ben Hur by Lew Wallis. The history behind how and why it was written is very interesting.

  • I just finished the Restoration Series by Terri Blackstock and really enjoyed all of them.

  • Read them out of order, but i really liked the third book, (two different titles, depends on release date) Liberation of Lystra (High Lord of Lystra), then The Chataine’s Guardian and Stone of Help, by Robin Hardy. Also enjoyed the analogy of Streiker’s Bride by her.

  • Tracey Bateman “Leave it to Claire”. There 2 other books in the series as well

  • Anything by Francine Rivers, Mitford series by Jan Karon, and most of Brock & Bodie Thoene’s books.
    I also love Frank Peretti (kind of a Christian version of Stephen King) and Robert Whitlow (combination of Peretti and John Grisham).

  • I love Ted Dekker!!! He is more of a suspense Christian fiction, but he is amazing!

  • Old book but good called Christy by Catherine Marshal

    • An anniversary copy was just released! I put in on New Shelf at library, and it circulated very well!

  • My book club had read a few books by Susan Messmer and liked them.

  • I found a really cute series of books, and one at a time they were all free for Kindle. It started with Ordained Irreverance by McMillian Moody. It was a nice series about a man coming on to a very large church as an intern. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was very serious, it spoke some to the challenges in a large church, yet never seemed to be bashing any churches. I thought it was really good!

  • Kim Woman of Flames by . It’s the story of Deborah.

  • Read my book “The fringe and the fury”

  • When I find myself in the Christian Fiction section, here’s what I look for: the exit.

    • Me too–but we all have our own thing, I guess. I think it is good to step out of our comfort zones, so I will read a good “Christian-based” book. The problem with sticking with something like “Christian Literature” is that it is such a narrow point of view.

    • You know you can just scroll past these type of posts, right?

  • Brock and Bodie Thoene books!! Fabulous series called Zion Chronicles. Older but fab!!

  • yada yada prayer group books, Narnia, (does Mitford count?)

  • Five People You Meet In Heaven. My favorite book of all time☺️

  • Left Behind Series, Redemption and Firstborn series by Karen Kingsbury, books by Bodie and Brock Thoene, Jan Karon’s Mitford series

  • Joel Rosenberg novels & of course the Left Behind series

  • Havah, Iscariot and The Legend of Sheba all by Tosca Lee

  • Jolina Petersheim, particularly The Outcast. Also The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.

  • Eugenia Price’s Savannah series is wonderful Christian historical fiction covering 1812-1864.

  • I just finished Pachinko, which is about some Christian Koreans living in Japan. It’s a great book, and I learned a lot about history, and Japanese and Korean Cultures.

  • Dee Henderson, Frank Peretti, Francine Rivers, Janette Oke are a few of my favorites, oh, and Terri Blackstock

  • I like these two series by Bodie Thoene, also Twilight of Courage. The most life-changing Christian fiction I’ve read is the Deadline trilogy by Randy Alcorn. Also of note are the writings of Phillip Gulley.

    • I was going to suggest Deadline but you beat me to it!

  • Mitford series by Jan karon or historical fiction by Jane Kirkpatrick….

  • I thought of 2 more authors that wrote wonder Christian fiction. George MacDonald was a contemporary of Mark Twain. CS Lewis was a big fan of MacDonald. Bethany House published many of his books edited “for today’s readers” by Michael Phillips since MacDonald was Scottish & the language was sometimes hard to read. I highly recommend The Curate’s Awakening.

  • Harold Bell Wright is another fine author of Christian fiction. He wrote Shepherd if the Hills, among others. Excellent book!

  • The Kingdom and the Crown trilogy by Gerald Lund.

  • Grace Chapel series. Written by different authors but with the same characters. Great books.

  • Mark of the Lion series. Francine Rivers awesome

  • The seven novels by Charles Williams, who was a member of the Inklings along with CS Lewis, etc., are based on Christian mysticism. I love them!

  • Ted Dekker – have you read any of his books?

  • Everything by Ted Dekker. Everything by Joel Rosenberg. C.S. Lewis.

  • Also, books by author Jill Eileen Smith. She writes about women in the Bible. Titles like Michal (King David’s first wife and daughter of Saul), Bathsheba, etc.

    • Im reading her Lineage of Grace series. I’m having some trouble with it.

    • Nyeisha I also read the Lineage of Grace Series. The cultural time was hard for me to relate to but overall I felt inspired that even though these women would have been considered un-Godly thru different circumstances they all became women of God. It was interesting to think these women were all part of the lineage of Christ. When the time came there lives were changed dramatically by their actions. I know many people have mentioned the timing of when we read certain books also. I picked each book up and tried to forget all of my preconceived ideas and just take what is presented in a fresh view from a woman.

  • Everything by CSLewis. His Space Trilogy is amazing. Also Screwtape. My favorite is Til We Have Faces. He Great Divorce is excellent as well.

  • Try Elizabeth Goudge.Green Dolphin Street is one of my all time favorites. Nothing like the Hollywood movie from the forties. All her work is good.

  • Frank Peretti’s The Prophet is one of the best books I ever read. On the flip side, The Left Behind series and other fiction by those authors is not well written.

  • The Father Brown series by G.K. Chesterson if you can find it.

    • Father Brown is a fun TV series on Netflix based on the books.

    • Judi Yes we watch it on PBS all the time!

  • This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti

  • All of Larraine Snelling and Jane Kirkpatrick’s books.

    • I loved this series!! It’s an interesting take on Revelations. Someone up thread said it was poorly written, too bad they didn’t expand on their comment to tell us what made it that way. No, it doesn’t have three syllable words and sentences that fill half a page; but it is easy to read and with a story like that it makes it readable by a greater variety of people. I think that is a good thing. I recommend the Left Behind series as well!

    • I didn’t think it was poorly written. Especially having read a poorly written book “A million little pieces”. I would be curious to know what made it poorly written. Maybe fear at how connected to our ugly world it is. I’ll be honest, I didn’t read the entire series, it got way too political for me, but the books I read I enjoyed and I noticed and saw the works differently and became a conservative ;). Just some humor. The thing is, to me, that it really is accurate to many many things.

    • Donna I honestly dislike it when people are so vague in their description of a book as to simply say it is poorly written. The Left Behind series could best be described as simplistic, or written intentionally to appeal to the broadest possible base. The authors felt that the story was incredibly important, and wanted to make it accessible to everyone. Because of that it can seem almost childish, in a way.

      I personally found the stories engaging. I have often enjoyed books written on subjects of Hebraic, of Christian mythology, and, frankly, these books fit that category well enough for me to find them engaging. I have yet to finish the series, but will do so, as I am planning on reading my way through the entire list of books on the GAR, including the books of the series that go along with the ones listed.

    • Carl very good point. I didn’t find it simple, myself, I think because I was learning and being awaken to things I was not exposed or open to. It was intriguing to me.

    • I liked the book and will try to read more in the series. I found it interesting and thought provoking and not “in your face”.

  • So many good ones already listed. Let me add Elizabeth Camden, Joanne Bischof, Dani Pettrey, Lisa Wingate, Tricia Goyer, Dan Walsh, Beth K Vogt, James L Rubart, Katie Ganshert.

  • Christy, Julie, A Man Called Peter by Catherine Mashall. oldies but goodies

  • Wanda Brunstetter books and Francine Rivers “Redeeming Love” is the best I’ve read.

  • Viola Shipman’s series: The Charm Bracelet, The Hope Chest, & The Recipe Box. The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel is a good read, too.

  • Jan Karon! Her “Mitford” series is terrific, and I usually dislike most fiction with a religious theme. These books are so well written, the characters so vivid, a life of faith so honestly depicted, just love them all….so much fun reading about the various townspeople, too….

  • I met author Marie Wells Coutu at a local book event and enjoyed reading her book, “Thirsting For More” which is the second book in her ‘Mended Vessels’ series.

    • I haven’t read this yet; recently read No One Ever Asked – very good book.

    • I just bought it and can’t wait to start it! The gifting is young adult and spiritual warfare. I don’t usually read that, but a very compelling tale. She is a local author so I had to try it.

    • I almost bought this book. Can you tell me a little about it?

    • It’s been a few years since I’ve read it, but I’ve read it a few times & it’s hard to put down.

    • The year is 2001 and the world is on the brink of economic collapse as the Illuminati, a deadly secret organization, succeeds in placing one of their people in the office of the presidency of the United States, gaining control of world events.

      Have John Elder and Randy Cross read the “signs of the times” soon enough to expose the Illuminatiand thwart their diabolical plan? Or will this organization and its leaders be hailed as the world’s political saviors?

  • Im not a huge fan of Christian fiction as it sometimes comes off as very unrealistic and fluffy to me. However, I’ve been giving it an effort lately based on some recommendations. I really enjoyed A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers (it read like a historical fiction which is my go to genre), and I’m currently reading The Negotiator by Dee Henderson. It has the potential to still become the cheesy happily ever after of a Christian novel (I’m 2/3 through), but I’m still enjoying the characters and story.

    • A Voice in the Wind is my favorite. After I read it I bought my Grandmother a copy and we both read the next one.

    • Try Jamie Langston Turner. I don’t like cheese either, and she is an amazing writer. Try Winter Birds and A Garden to Keep.

  • Just read the Prayer Box (#1 in a series of 3) by Lisa Wingate. I’m not sure they’re considered “Christian genre” but Viola Shipman has several books The Hope Chest and The Charm Bracelet that I liked.

    • I love Shipman’s series. Did you know that Viola Shipman is really a man and he uses his grandma’s name as his pen name.

    • Judy no, I did not know that. Interesting.

  • Anything by Judith Pella, Michael Phillips who also modernized George MacDonald, Janette Oke.

  • All of the above, but I also fell in love with author Ann Tatlock, all of her books, and an author who acknowledged her as a mentor, Buck Storm, especially his book, The Miracle Man.

  • OK, This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. It is a phenmenal story that sweeps you away, and by the end it is the best book to encourage you to pray more often. (If that is something you want.)

  • Actually, a good reader’s advisor would ask if you are a Christian who is looking for something to encourage you, or if you just like Christian fiction, or if you are trying to learn more about the genre.

  • Richard Paul Evans. His books are inspiring without being preachy.

    • That depends on your point of view. Some of us consider it a book of fables, stories, parables, and moral statutes relating to the culture of a bronze age group of nomads attempting to explain the world around them through myth, and allegory. It is not meant to be disrespectful, but we hold them in the same esteem as the Iliad, or various other great myths from around the world.

    • Carl good comment. I say anything that helps to explain faith is a good book.

  • Anything by Francine Rivers, and the Theones . My favorite is “Lolita’ s Garden”

    • Redeeming Love is my favorite

  • Have you read any of the Ya-ya prayer group series? I really enjoyed them.

  • When Calls the Heart. I think that is the name of the series. My grandmother loves them. ?

  • The Mitford Series by Jan Karon: I think the first book is called At Home in Mitford

  • My church book club just finished a book by Lynn Austin..and I hear all her books are great. We loved the one we read, Fire by Night.

  • I’ve heard Karen Kingsbury The Baxter Series is really good.

    • Water from my Heart?love Charles Martin.

    • On my list, so many have great things to say.

  • The Undoing of Saint Sylvanus by Beth Moore…best book I ever read!

    • Elizabeth Actually, The Bible is a good read, My husband and I read it cover to cover once. No disrespect intended. We just wanted to read the whole story.

    • Maryann depending on the denomination, some Christians might take umbrage at the categorization of the Bible as “fiction”. I don’t have a stake in the matter myself, I just am wary of smartass atheists ruining my reputation as a decent human being atheist

    • Douglas Ben Hur reminds me to add The Robe by Lloyd C.

  • Kind of enjoyed Ted Dekker’s The 49th Mystic. Christianity and fantasy fiction.

    • that series! Takes me away to simpler times!

  • Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers! A Voice in the Wind series by Francine Rivers. I enjoyed books 1 and 3 most.

    • The Atonement Child and And The Shofar Blew too!

  • The Tucker’s Way by David Johnson are also very good.

  • Death comes for the deconstructionist by Daniel Taylor.

  • Micheline what your favorite genre? Christian fiction covers a wide variety of genres and if I recommend a book in a genre you dislike that will do you a disservice and won’t help you like or dislike for the right reason.

  • d this…it has been many years, but still relevant…

    • I was just going to post the same suggestion! Thank you for doing it,!!! I enjoyed the read. I also heard it’s part of a series of books he wrote. I’ve only read this one though.

    • Donna I read some of the others, but I think there are more now…going to check Amazon and the library.

  • The Red Tent edition of The Red Tent.

    Her name is Dinah. In the Bible, her life is only hinted at in a brief and violent detour within the more familiar chapters of the Book of Genesis that tell of her father, Jacob, and his twelve sons.

    Told in Dinah’s voice, Anita Diamant imagines the traditions and turmoils of ancient womanhood–the world of the red tent. It begins with the story of the mothers–Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilhah–the four wives of Jacob. They love Dinah and give her gifts that sustain her through childhood, a calling to midwifery, and a new home in a foreign land. Dinah’s story reaches out from a remarkable period of early history and creates an intimate connection with the past.

    Deeply affecting, The Red Tent combines rich storytelling with a valuable achievement in modern fiction: a new view of biblical women’s lives.

    • So there’s another book called Edition of the Red Tent?

    • no, it was referring to the Anniversary Edition

    • I really love the red tent but I would consider that a bible novel rather than Christian fiction.

    • Would you consider the 5 people you meet in heaven Christian literature? It is a a great story.

    • Sylvia anything Heavenly is Christian to me.

    • Lindsey oh true yes I suppose it woukd be. Then I would suggest war room, fireproof, left behind series, 90 minutes in heaven, heaven is for real, the shack and the shack revisited. Although some of those are not fiction – they are for real.

  • Red Tent, Centurion’s Wife, anything by Francine Rivers, Lydia’s Song, anything by Karen Kingsbury

  • Anything by Jamie Langston Turner. I loved Winter Birds and A Garden to Keep. I don’t like love stories. I want to read something meaty. JLT won’t disappoint. Her books proved to me that Christian fiction and Good writing can go together.

    • I really like her books also.

  • “Waiting For Summers Return” by Kim Vogel Sawyer

  • My Visit to Hell by Paul Thigpen. It was published in 2007, but I really enjoyed it. It’s sort of an updated Dante’s Inferno, and it was quite relatable, I think.

  • A library patron recommends Karen Kingsbury, saying: “fantastic to find Christian stories which are enjoyable. “

  • Jan Karon’s Mitford series. The books are relaxing and fun.

  • Lorena McCourtney wrote a series of about 4 or 5 books, beginning with Invisible. Very enjoyable. She has written a lot of various series, the ones I read, all have a mild Christian theme running through them.

  • Terri Blackstock, Lori Wick, Dee Henderson, Frank Peretti, Roger Elwood.
    I loved Pretense, The O’Malley series, This Present Darkness, Angelwalk, The Restoration Series

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