What are your favorite summer beach reads?

What are your favorite summer beach reads?

  • Modern Mrs Darcy just released her summer reading guide on her blog today. There should be lots of good ideas.

    • Just when I thought my TBR list was out of control! Lol. ❤️MMD

  • Elin Hildebrand. I read every single one of her books! Can’t wait for this summer’s release.

  • The Passage trilogy by Justin Cronin. Anything thriller-y.

    • I loved this book I usually don’t like SF or dystopian books

    • Or Mary Alice Monroe Start w The Beach House

  • Literally “beach” reads – anything by Dorothea Benton Frank. Pure fluff…..pure fun!

  • All 3 Crazy Rich Asians books by Kevin Kwan — I read in April but these would have been perfect beach reads!!

    • And the movie is coming out this summer ????

    • Angela I know!! Can’t wait! ?

  • I would read the Montgomery Wards catalog if I was under a beach umbrella with my toes in the sand!

  • LOL, no beach here in the Sonoran Desert; we’re still waiting for California to drop into the ocean when the promised earthquake hits 🙂

  • My literary tastes don’t change based on the season. And I prefer mountains to beaches. 🙂

  • Elin Hindebrand, Nancy Thayer – both set on Nantucket

  • I like Alice Munro, and she has a new one coming out.

  • CAMERAlot the digital book. Have smart camera phone and will travel to the beach to read.

  • Daniel Silva, Louise Penny, and Clive Cussler usually release books each summer.

  • Steamy novels but I’ve toned it down. ‘Shadow Behind the Curtain’. Velda Johnston. I don’t want to have a heart-attack.

  • Some of the better John Grisham books, they hold my interest and move quickly enough to finish before the end of vacation.

  • Don’t change reading choices by season. I don’t understands what people mean by “beach” reads. Sorry. Live in Iowa.

    • My home state!!! Always love hearing from an Iowan. Kurt Vonnegut called the phenomenon of regional association (like when one is in another state and sees a car with a license plate from their home state) “granfalloon”!

    • I do live by the beach. I read all kinds of genres throughout the year but during the summer I like quick, easy reads. Not exclusively, but sometimes.

    • I don’t change reading for seasons either. ? Wisconsin here.

    • LOL I’ll read anything in the summer however I do lean toward summer/beach settings when I’m down the shore. But when I’m sitting in my house in NJ watching the snow come down, I have no interest in reading a book set at the beach. I’ll save it for summer.

  • Something light and funny….Sophie Kinsella is perfect.

  • Nora Roberts, Julie Garwood, mystery romances for the beach. Longer novels for lazing out on the porch.

  • Iona Whishaw, the Lane Winslow series. 1st. book is “A Killing in King’s Cove.” Reminiscent of Charles Todd, Agatha Christie and Jacqueline Winspear.

  • Last summer, I took “Behold the Dreamers” to the beach and that was fabulous. The summer before that I read “Home” by Julie Andrews whilst vacationing and that’s the book I think of now whenever I’m at the beach! I enjoyed it so much.

  • Just read Anita Shreve’s new book The Stars are Fire. This would be a great beach read!

    • Read last year? 2? and that character, that fire and that escaping into water’s edge scene still come into my mind so often! Firematic family here and don’t know if I would have thought of that- learned something! Great unforgettable read!

    • Just got one of her books from the library yesterday! A lot of people have recommended her books. Thanks!

    • I love them all (except for silver girl)

  • I like a good mystery by authors like Marjorie Allingham, Dorothy Sayers, P.D. James and of course, Agatha Christie.

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